Thank you Professor McClintock! ☆

| April 8, 2011

This is a site for tributes from friends, colleagues, and students as Professor Robert O. McClintock retires from 44 years of teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University.

If you would like to leave a short tribute to Robbie, please comment directly on this post. If you would like to make a longer contribution please contact this site’s administrator to request an account on this site and then add a new post.

The Categories page is divided into the categories of “Space” and “Time” ( with apologies to Immanuel Kant).

Use the Space category  for postings that take the form of images (drawings, photos) or timeless aphorisms.

Use the Time category for postings that take the form of anecdotes, letters, reflections, narratives, or work-in-progress relating to a time of study with Robbie at TC.