Philosophy Outreach

| May 9, 2011

I had the pleasure of getting to know Robbie over Sunday night salons.  Every week, I
looked forward to our spirited discussions of ideas and thinkers as diverse as Polyani,
Simone Weil, Georg Simmel, Patti Smith, Rousseau… you name it.  Thanks, Robbie (and Max, and group!), for extending to us a place for openness of ideas, dialogic exchange, trust,
and doubt.  Sunday gatherings were, for me, a new sort of philosophy outreach and the
type of intellectual adventure I was seeking in grad school as a student of philosophy
and education.  Together with friends and colleagues, we explored the functions of
education and the ethics of self-world inquiry.  We discussed life within schools and
beyond the classroom as we explored Robbie’s ideas of ‘city as educator.’  I am inspired
to keep asking the question, ‘what does it mean to be educated?’  It was wonderful to
exchange ideas with Robbie and the group, and my research into the function of education
as a transformation of self is influenced by our discussions.  Thinking back on our
conversations, I enjoyed learning of the possible ways in which each ‘educative’
experience transforms the self and relocates our unfinished identities in a continuous
and open-ended seeking of meaning and intelligibility.   I will remember those discussions in which we explored ‘education as self-formation,’ and inquired as to how the conscious self is developed and directed in light of our cultural embeddedness…for now, I’ll just add that I hope to continue the conversations.

With warmest gratitude and congratulations,

Katie Reilly