Robbie’s Cradle and Sometimes Stroller: Department of Philosophy and the Social Sciences

| May 4, 2011

Poor Robbie, who managed to get educated despite this mob…

The departmental dinner at Luchow’s Restaurant in New York City in 1965. From back to front, left to right: C.T. Hu, George Bereday, Jonas Soltis, Sloan Weyland, Herbert Gans, Robert Dentler, Lambros Comitas, Harold Noah, David Scandlon, Martin Dworkin, R. Freeman Butts, Solon Kimball, Philip Phenix, Lawrence Cremin.

The following three photos denote various stages of Robbie’s miseducation…

Gasping for air

Back (L-R): William Sares, Gary Natriello, Robert Crain. Middle section (L-R): Jonas Soltis, Harold Noah, Lawrence Cremin, Sloan Weyland, Douglas Sloan, Robert (Robbie) McClintock, Charles Harrington, George Bond, Ellen Lagemann, Lambros Comitas, Maxine Greene

Intensive care

At Terrace Restaurant on 119th/Broadway. Back (L-R): George Bond, William Sayres, Jonas Soltis, C.T. Hu, Harold Noah, Glenn Pasanen, Douglas Sloan, Charles Harrington, Robbie McClintock, Lawrence Cremin, Tom Virtullo-Martin, Peter Moock, George Bereday, Diane Ratvich, Lambros Comitas, Maxine Greene, Ellen Lagemann

The flight

Back (L-R): Francisco Rivera-Batiz, Herve Varenne, Thomas Bailey, Gary Natriello, Robbie McClintock, Charles Harrington, Hope Leichter, Robert Crain, George Bond, Douglas Sloan, Rene Arcilla, Maxine Greene, Lambros Comitas, Jonas Soltis, William Sayres

…miraculously, he survived, prospered, and has left the hallowed halls.