Bon Voyage!

| May 12, 2011

For my last semester at Teachers College, Professor Lambros Comitas suggested that I take a class with Robbie.  He said to me, “It’ll do you good, kid.  Good ol’ Robbie will take care of you.”

Robbie’s course did indeed “do me good.”

Every interaction and encounter with Robbie left me with an aspirational thirst to learn more, to question, and to think.  His lectures, suggested readings, and his very presence (like seeing him in the hallways deep in thought) left a mark on me–as I continue to make sense of my thoughts and actions in my journey of life.

Attached to this post are two journal entries of mine that were inspired by Robbie’s words and thoughts.

Bon voyage, Robbie! May you continue to unravel and unmap the ways of the self and the world.