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Robbie as Educator

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Bon Voyage! 

For my last semester at Teachers College, Professor Lambros Comitas suggested that I take a class with Robbie.  He said to me, "It'll do you good, kid.  Good ol' Robbie will take care of you." Robbie's course did indeed "do me good." Every interaction and encounter with Robbie left me with an aspirational thirst to …

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Mapping the World 

My conversations with Robbie over the years have invariably left me with new images and issues to ponder. I remember a presentation he gave at a faculty-student conference on globalization. He realized that while flying in a plane, that national boundaries could not be detected from the air. Rather, one saw mountains, trees, and rivers …

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Learning Pathways 

I made this piece as a response to the first lecture in Robbie's My Cannon. A passage from Robbie served as a jumping off point for my own reflections - and i think that mirrors in some ways his own observations for how we learn. The experience of the course highlighted for me the humaneness …

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Robbie’s Cradle and Sometimes Stroller: Department of Philosophy and the Social Sciences 

Poor Robbie, who managed to get educated despite this mob... The departmental dinner at Luchow's Restaurant in New York City in 1965. From back to front, left to right: C.T. Hu, George Bereday, Jonas Soltis, Sloan Weyland, Herbert Gans, Robert Dentler, Lambros Comitas, Harold Noah, David Scandlon, Martin Dworkin, R. Freeman Butts, Solon Kimball, Philip …

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St. Louis, Missouri — March 2011 

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