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Robbie as Educator

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Finding out what we do not know 

Time... Once upon a time, in 1981 or 1982...  Robbie and I spent an afternoon trying to network his Sony CP/M and my DECmate using a long serial cable... It did not work but we educated ourselves into much we did not know we did not know ("null modem"??) while wondering why we were trying …

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Greatest Hits 

When I returned to graduate school in 2004 I was excited to plunge back into Theory, circling back to many of the great thinkers I had missed in college. As an undergrad I had always preferred courses which focused on one or two texts, and was skeptical of survey courses.  I wanted to immerse myself …

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The Vitality of Adventure 

In this art of study, each component of culture has a part to play, and every component of art, literature, science, and thought can be seen as educational in a rigorous sense. -Robert McClintock (1971:165) I don't really have the words to describe, in personal terms, what I want to thank Professor McClintock for; partly …

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“The last, genuine intellectual…” 

As part of my duties as a program assistant for Anthropology and Education I often had to hang posters of events.  One day as I was hanging a poster in a Grace Dodge hallway for Robbie's upcoming Cremin Lecture, one of Robbie's former Philosophy and Social Sciences department colleagues strolled by, peered over my shoulder …

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Letter recommending full professor 

April 28, 1982 To Professor Lambros Comitas, Director, Division of Philosophy, the Social Sciences, and Education, Teachers College Columbia University, New York, N.Y. 10027 Dear Professor Comitas, I am pleased and honored to be asked by your committee to give an appraisal of Professor Robert McClintock's capabilities as a teacher and advisor. Since I consider …

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